Spirituality is the capacity to live deeply into the concrete, creative order of things as co-creative participants.  ~ Beverley W. Harrison

Apparently, abundant clusters of calla lily are pretty common place this time of year. Never having been in San Luis Obispo (SLO) on California’s central coast, I was amazed to see live Easter flowers, not in foil-wrapped plastic pots, but growing out of the earth. I was invited by the SLO congregation for a Beloved Community event and the  natural beauty and the warm hospitality extended by our host congregation made my heart sing,  Alleluia!  All present for the weekend were co-creative participants in the making of beloved community. Each person a gift, as beautiful as a single lily; even more so when clustered together for a purpose.

These are the Christian high holy days and to be amidst the story of Jesus’ practice of radical love, of trying to love no matter what, humbles me. I try, I fail, and I try again to love no matter what.

In her recent Palm Sunday message Before the Alleluia, Rev. Gretchen Haley speaks about our Unitarian Universalist churches “often skipping over the observance of the fuller story of holy week… [so] our faith communities also miss an opportunity to regularly wrestle with just how hard it is to say yes to big, revolutionary change, even when it is a revolution of love.”

The way I see it, Jesus went to Golgotha not as sacrifice but as testament to the power of revolutionary love – to love no matter what.

In  alignment with our Universalist faith tradition, the late theologian Beverly Wildung Harrison speaks to the power of the fuller story of Holy Week: we are here to put an end to crucifixions once and for all…”we are called to express, embody, share, and celebrate the gift of life, and to pass it on!”

Even when I fail, there are enough stored experiences (like the one I just had with others in SLO) to sustain my faith in beloved community. To try to love no matter what. I/We need to be with clusters of others who are willing to risk trying, too.

Soon it will be Easter Sunday and time for a celebratory end-of-Lent feast with dear friends and family. Alleluia!