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You Are Pre-Approved
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I wrote about the dream. I wrote about your gifts. Today, I am writing about divine authority -- another element of your spiritual leadership. For each child that’s born a morning star rises, And sings to the universe who we are. We are our grandmother’s prayers. We...

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What’s Your Genius?
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In dominant US culture, worthiness is not assumed; it must be proven. Some of us work hard to prove it; some of us never try or give up trying when the effort proves futile. Our worthiness is typically measured by its value in the market place. If you have skills that...

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…First We Imagine
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In my last post “You Are Called,” I said I would share more in future posts about the elements and practices of spiritual leadership. The truth is that Hilary, Deb and I have been referring to and lifting these up all along. Sometimes, it it important, however to be...

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You Are Called
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Okay, no more fooling around. It’s time. The world needs your spiritual leadership. Now. Your community, your friends, your neighborhood, your city. We all need it. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me offer it in the words of adrienne maree brown in Emergent...

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Imagining Winning
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My dear friend Ilana recently shared with me Aurora Levin Morales’ poem “Vahavta.” Part of it reads: imagine winning. This is your sacred task. This is your power. Imagine every detail of winning, the exact smell of the summer streets in which no one has been shot,...

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Embracing Interdependence
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Walter Brueggemann is a favorite theologian and I’ve been working my way through his book of daily lenten devotions, A Way Other Than Our Own.  “The summons of Lent,” says Brueggemann, is to “bear new fruit by doing what is in sync with God.” What does it mean to be...

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Hidden Wounds, Hidden Gifts
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About four years ago, I was flipping through books in a church library during a break from choir rehearsal.  These words made me stop flipping: I believe that many – perhaps all – of our gifts may be understood in terms of our suffering. The relation is simple: if we...

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Do Your Teaspoon
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Anyone feeling exhausted already even though we're not even a month into the new U.S. administration? So many marches, vigils, protests, declarations, petitions! So many organizing meetings! And so many posts to read, reports to watch, updates to listen to. Hyper...

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  • There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. Vincent Van Gogh

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