We blog regularly here about noticing beloved community in our midst.

We hope these reflections help us all pay better attention to being the love.

Partnering with Grace

I co-led a workshop on Saturday called “Living into Right Relations.” It was for folks in congregations looking for better ways to be in community with each other. It’s amazing to me what faithful people are willing to spend a Saturday doing. I think the workshop went...

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REMARKABLE: adjective. re·mark·able \ri-ˈmär-kə-bəl\ worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary
 Let me see if I can tell this story, as plainly as possible, because it is remarkable: Over a month ago there was a Black Lives...

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This is War

Police sirens. That is what I heard last night as I drifted off to sleep wondering who, who, who is in trouble? Who is being chased or protected or not? This morning, more sirens. Part of the background noise of my neighborhood. Like the trains going by, the traffic,...

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Feeling Powerless

Brexit. Trump. The West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. Israel/Palestine. Gun control. Orlando. Orlando. Orlando. As it does often enough, it feels like the world is swallowing itself. And there’s one thing I've noticed in what people are saying about what’s going on for...

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Godlove is THAT Big

The early stories of the shooting in Orlando last week reported 50 dead. Now the official count is 49. Because the shooter is not a victim, we do not count him. We do not count Omar Mateen. In his Boston Globe column this week, Kevin Cullen compares Omar Mateen to...

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Collectivity – Part One

Lately I’ve been worshipping at the church of Ian White Maher. Are y’all listening to his weekly meditations? Wow, he is woke! In a recent offering, “A peculiar courage,” Ian hones in on the "spiritual but not religious” and nails it on the limitations of that...

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Do YOUR Thing. And Stop Fighting.

Sometimes someone puts out an idea and you just want to hug them! I want to hug Daniel Hunter.  Last week, I got on a call to listen to Daniel talk about different roles we need to create movements. I want to hug him even though what he said isn’t his idea. Still,...

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Imagining Futures

“Without new visions, we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless, and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever maneuvers and tactics, but a process that can and must transform us.” -...

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