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Enemy Images Be Gone From Me
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When the most recent issue of Tikkun magazine arrived, I opened it immediately eager to read the editorial by Rabbi Michael Lerner, “Overcoming Trumpism: A New Strategy for Progressives.” It isn’t what I expected. It isn't about the psychopathology of Donald Trump....

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Attenders & Distractors
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This morning, Greenpeace activists dropped a giant “RESIST” banner from a crane next to the White House. And I cannot look away. I want to see and hear everything. I am attending to this action. Last summer, while completing a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education...

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Weaving Prayers with Standing Rock
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Around the globe, powerful interests are destroying ecosystems and landscapes, clearcutting, strip mining, and polluting. In every case, the destroyers have more military, political, and financial power than those who would resist them. If this planet and our...

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Disagreement and Connection After November 8
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“How do you talk to someone you have fundamental disagreements with?” A religious educator asked me this question this week as she sought my help in guiding youth about how to have conversations across divides. I felt stumped and flagged the email to get to later....

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Partnering with Grace
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I co-led a workshop on Saturday called “Living into Right Relations.” It was for folks in congregations looking for better ways to be in community with each other. It’s amazing to me what faithful people are willing to spend a Saturday doing. I think the workshop went...

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REMARKABLE: adjective. re·mark·able \ri-ˈmär-kə-bəl\ worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary
 Let me see if I can tell this story, as plainly as possible, because it is remarkable: Over a month ago there was a Black Lives...

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This is War
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Police sirens. That is what I heard last night as I drifted off to sleep wondering who, who, who is in trouble? Who is being chased or protected or not? This morning, more sirens. Part of the background noise of my neighborhood. Like the trains going by, the traffic,...

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Feeling Powerless
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Brexit. Trump. The West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. Israel/Palestine. Gun control. Orlando. Orlando. Orlando. As it does often enough, it feels like the world is swallowing itself. And there’s one thing I've noticed in what people are saying about what’s going on for...

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  • People are empowered to work for justice by their love for others and by the love they receive from others. Sharon Welch
    A Feminist Ethic of Risk

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