Yesterday I wrote about what a paradigm is. Today, I’m confessing that shifting a paradigm is hard.

Until  recently, I was content with my particular mindset about social media best described by author Os Guinness:

“… Ceaselessly hyperactive social media where the worldwide web has become a flood-driven Niagara of raw, uninterpreted information and emotion that pounds down on us by the minute with its ceaseless roar and drenching deluge…who can hear themselves think, let alone make sense of it all with genuine reflection and seasoned judgment?”

Even though I frequently heard news of events in the lives of friends and family only second-hand through others’ reports of reading about them on Facebook or blogs, I maintained an attitude of resistance and guarded against changing it. I had a negative experience with Facebook and I value my privacy, I said to myself.

I maintained this attitude until my social media mindset no longer worked.  My daughter fell in love and moved to Australia. Facebook isn’t so bad after all. I am learning how to use it and in a way that works for me.

Still, the very idea of blogging was pretty close to abhorrent.  And besides, who has time for that?

Today, despite my resistance, I am learning how to blog. My paradigm is shifting. As it turns out, I’m gaining some insights into my resistance along the way.


When I began to breathe into my resistance and made time to learn and practice using the  tools, my attitude was changed.  My incompetence with learning to blog changed. At first I was unconsciously incompetent and felt freaked out about each mistake I made.

Then, as I gradually became consciously incompetent, I was able to trust the learning in the mistakes I made along the way.

The insight gained is this: Being outside my comfort zone is where learning begins.

Shifting paradigms is hard.

Remember to breathe.