old and new ways of seeing that support BELOVED COMMUNITY.

Cultural transformation happens when we change the stories we live. New stories help us see the world in new ways. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh definition or a shift of perspective. Sometimes, it takes remembering what we value. Sometimes, we are invited to creatively make meaning.

When enough people begin to see in different ways and tell different stories, institutions and ways of being shift. It is an act of love to find a way to tell a story so that it heals rather than harms. This is an act of love that also nurtures love.

In these “reframes” we invite ways of seeing – and thus being – that cultivate new stories that can grow and deepen Beloved Community.

The truth about stories is that’s all we are…
We both knew that stories were medicine, that a story told one way
could cure, that the same story told another way could injure.

Thomas King

The Truth About Stories