In this video, Prince Ea, the “Deepest Rapper Alive,” reflects on how we “fix Ferguson.” So many of us speak of “changing the world” and we march and demonstrate and get arrested. What if we spent some of that time together considering Prince Ea’s question: “Who are you in the deepest sense?”

Prince Ea’s question is not

“… about your race, your ethnicity, your heritage, your ancestry. I’m not even talking about your experiences or your memories. Who are you in the deepest sense? There will not be external peace if there is not first internal peace. And once you figure that out, I promise you, the entire world will transform, will change. And as more and more people find themselves, mankind has the opportunity to transform into kind man.”

I confess that I don’t have much of an idea of who I am apart from my various socially constructed identities. And I certainly don’t know who I am apart from my experiences and memories. But I want to explore that. To consider the hugeness of that. I want to do what we are being invited to here. I want us to find ourselves. To find myself. To support you to find yourself.

Creatively. Lovingly. Kindly. Peacefully.

One purpose of this website is to fan the embers of this hope. To find the evidence of this longing for connection and authenticity and to share it widely. This! This is what “Be the Love” is about. And Prince Ea is as eloquent as anyone can be about this call. Please listen with the ears to hear.

And share. Fan the flames of this hope.